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Destroyed interiors, empty houses, inhabited villages, bricks, textures, materials, life, present, future, past, solitude, cement, rusty, home, demolished walls, wallpaper and surfaces, the feeling of emptiness and sadness.

Every time I pass by the spaces that demolished buildings leave, I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness and emptiness. Despite the disappearance of the building itself, some textures and forms of it remain (for example rooms are still perceptible in small details, such as wallpapers or residual paint), suggesting that some kind of life and memories still exist. In those places you can sense nostalgia and melancholy, making you aware that the happier times they use to enjoy are gone, leaving only memories that vanish and a sense of emptiness.
This work is conceived as an installation. The prints hang from different architectural fittings (for example being a blind in a window), whilst being an intrinsic part of the architecture.