Hanging from a thread< back

From the catalogue "Hanging from a thread"  Gloria Ceballos at  Obra Social Caja de Ávila:

Life, death, God, faith, soul, body, joy, hope, peace, hospital, phone calls, doctors, space, memories, inside, outside, sadness, day ,night, sense, visits, love, calm, time, reliance, serenity, chaos, pain, gratitude, courage, exhaustion, excitement, together, exemplary, forgiveness, acceptance, distress, emptiness, truth, enjoyment, valor, frustration, expectation, opinions, end, beginning, tears, laughs, support, sacrament, fear, tenderness, grief, salvation, uncertainty, resignation, fight, images, delicacy...
This series of prints reflects a labyrinth of feelings and sensations. It is not the beginning, not the end, is just the fight between death and life, where the existence is hanging from a thread. Well represented by monotypes, each unique pieces is a metaphor of the magical moments that you experiment within the struggle between life and death.